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Josiah’s House began on June 9, 2008, but its vision and ongoing purpose hold deep roots as a personal mission before that day for Founder and President Ms. Irene Jones.

Ms. Jones’s son, Josiah, was diagnosed with autism. Upon the discovery of this complex disorder, Ms. Jones sought support and growth for her son in a group home, which proved to be unsuccessful.  The residential environment provided minimal life or social integration support and the overall environment was not beneficial to Josiah.  She knew that this was not the answer and that there was another way to provide him support and resources with dignity.

The treatment of her son was a catalyst for Ms. Jones to resign from her job as a RTA bus driver to discharge her son from the group home and dedicate her time to provide the developmental care he needed. While seeking to understand how to take care of her son, Ms. Jones immersed herself in learning about treating and supporting Friends across the Autism Spectrum.    She earned her Certification from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and began to build what is now known as Josiah’s House.


We provide a pathway to employment and community integration through training and real employment opportunities. These resources are invaluable in empowering our Friends to realize a greater degree of self-sufficiency and dignity in their everyday lives.